Best Quality Stainless Steel Construction

BWS Compactor/Baler

Our satisfied customers include:

Restaurants        Nursing Homes
Hospitals        Colleges and Universities
Airports        Office Buildings
Hotels        Medical Clinics
Schools        Convienience Stores
Truck Stops        Service Stations
City and State Government Buildings

Waste stream problems are now solved!

Save an average of 60% on your waste bills by reducing dumpster size and number of pickups
Reduce your garbage to 15% of its original volume
Eliminate dumpster overflows
Reduce pilferage
Reduce labor
Save dollars on cooling and heating
Improve security
Create a more sanitary facility
Reduce landfill waste and fuel consumption
Top quality all stainless steel construction
Stainless is the first choice for easy cleaning and provides a modern, attractive appearance

BWS has a 100% success rate where our equipment is recommended.


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